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Our Mission

Lovely Sisters Farm is all about experiencing renewal through nature. Accessibility to nature (the N” vitamin) can be challenging. Lovely Sisters lavender essentials provide easy access to natural holistic wellness. I named the Lovely Sisters Farm after my mom and aunties whos last name was Lavely but were called the Lovely Sisters. They inspired my love of farming and nature. The organically grown, hand tended lavender on my family farm in Ramona, CA, is my way of promoting wellness by sharing natures bounty with others.

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Five Varieties of Lavender

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All of our lavender at Lovely Sisters Farm is grown in harmony with the land. Natural irrigation is used as much as possible using our hilly landscape to encourage water flow. White sage is planted around the gardens for healing and protection, while our dog Jack-Jack adds a little bouncy fun.

Lavender has a history of calming and soothing, relieving stress and promoting sleep. It has been used as a spray on bites and hives and in a sachet or oil form to combat PTSD. The color is also associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center associated with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity.


Lovely Sisters Farm lavender is grown and harvested by hand on my family farm in Southern CA. I distill and handcraft all products in small batches in my workshop on the farm to ensure freshness and purity. Growing lavender and creating high quality oils, bundles and other essentials brings me such incredible joy.

What My Clients Say

I’ve had the opportunity to try several Lovely Sisters products and cannot recommend them more highly. The Calming Oil is luxurious and incredibly aromatic; it transforms your bath into a wonderful spa-at-home experience. The lavender sachets are an essential addition to my dresser drawers to keep my clothing fresh with the perfect hint of beautiful, light herbal fragrance. You will be delighted by any purchase from this wonderful shop! – Linda D

I 100% recommend Claire and her lavender products! I’ve gone to Claire a number of times for a variety of reasons. I love having her products in my home and I love giving her products as gifts to my friends and family. She also puts together gift baskets for every occasion you need. She has put together custom orders for me as gifts to my mom, a wedding shower and my best friend’s birthday. Everyone is always so happy with the baskets! – Tate C

I received the most beautiful lavender-filled gift basket for my birthday. It was lovingly assembled by Lovely Sisters Farm in a sweet basket with a pretty lavender bow and it made such a nice gift. All of the wonderful items inside smelled so heavenly. The bath salts, linen spray, fresh lavender sprigs, sachet and lavender candle were so pretty and smelled incredible! I love every item and feel so pampered when I use anything in the basket. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves beautiful things and adores the delightful scent of lavender! Lovely Sisters Farm grows their own lavender and makes all their gift items themselves. This is truly a special gift and I was delighted to receive it.- Peggy

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