Lavender Essentials

The Lovely Sisters Farm Essentials

Lovely Sisters Farm is all about experiencing renewal through nature. Accessibility to nature (the N” vitamin) can be challenging. Lovely Sisters lavender essentials provide easy access to natural holistic wellness. I named the Lovely Sisters Farm after my mom and aunties whos last name was Lavely but were called the Lovely Sisters. They inspired my love of farming and nature. Learn about the Lovely Sisters Farm history here.

Contact Claire to inquire about purchasing her lavender products, create a custom order or gift baskets.

Dried Lavender

Lavender Essentials - Bundle of Dried Lavender
Lavender Essentials - Bouquet of a Variety of Dried Lavender
Lavender Essentials - Palo Santo
Palo Santo
Lavender Essentials - Smudge Stick with Dried Lavender
Smudge Stick
Lavender Essentials - Sachets of Dried Lavender

Serenity Line

Lavender Essentials - Lavender Essential Oil
Essential Oils
Lavender Essentials - Lavender Room Spray
Scented Sprays

Custom Orders

Lavender Essentials - Custom Orders Available

Custom orders available upon request. This can include gift baskets, customized sachets, and unique bundles/bouquets. I will work with you to make your lavender inspiration a reality.

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